About Erinç

  • I currently live in San Diego, California.
  • Over 15 years of experience in technology
    • Built high-performing software engineerings teams at startups and big tech.
    • Spent 8 years at Amazon, leading teams that developed machine learning products that you probably use.
  • Now back to hands-on product building and indie-hacking, alongside enhancing my skills in sales and marketing.
  • Lived in Istanbul, Vancouver, Seattle, Berlin, and San Diego over the years.
  • Visited 40+ countries, traveling with a 28-liter backpack.
  • Passionate about financial and location independence, privacy, productivity, the open web, and personal knowledge management (PKM).
  • Hobbies include hiking, ultralight backpacking, and exploring new corners of the globe.

Connect me via...

Email: [email protected]
Mastodon: [email protected]
Instagram: @erinc